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                   More on Music and Sound 

How is this possible?  As Albert Einstein discovered, all matter consists of energy.  Sound and music are energy moving through space in the form of sound waves.  Our bodies also consist of energy in constant motion, pulsating at certain rhythms (our heart rate, for example), and emitting sound waves. Consider for a moment that over 50% of our bodies consist of water.  Just as a pebble thrown into a pool of water creates visible waves emanating outward, so too do sounds made with our voices create sound waves that penetrate deeply throughout our bodies.  Understanding how much of us is comprised of water can help us imagine more easily, how sound vibrations can so quickly and easily affect our entire being.


In this respect, sound and music are innately holistic in their effects upon our bodies and minds.  A holistic paradigm posits the interdependent relationship of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of a person, with the harmonic functioning of the whole necessary for true health and well-being.  Consider for a moment, a favorite piece of music that lifts your mood and has your feet tapping and itching to dance.  That music has an emotional impact at the same time that it affects your physical energy. It might also result in you thinking more positive thoughts afterwards.  In this case, we could say that three levels of your being – the emotional, physical and mental – were affected by the music.


Research on the effects of people experiencing sound healing focused mainly in the form of toning, most commonly defined as vocalizing open vowel sounds (a, ah, ee, oo, oh) on the full exhalation of the breath, also shows this same holistic effect: multiple levels of our being affected simultaneously.  12 out of 13 respondents reported effects on more than one level of a holistic spectrum.  A wide range of effects were reported, at times highly personal in terms of content, yet all falling within the parameters of a holistic spectrum.  Feeling physically relaxed, experiencing a quiet mind, and sense of emotional well-being, is an example of effects experienced on multiple levels.


Another common experience from toning is the sense of having been tuned up, physically and energetically.  Feeling relaxed yet energized at the same time, is often reported.  The release of ‘stuck energy’ and negativity is often cited.  Music therapists using toning are increasingly noting the ‘grounding’ effects.  For individuals who are scattered, or distracted, this can be helpful.  Toning naturally enhances focus and concentration.

The ability of sound and music to move us, and to shift us on multiple levels, immediately and easily, is a tremendous asset. We are living in stressful, tumultuous times.  Simple, effective, tools to help us achieve and stay in balance, with the ability to experience a calm mind, relaxed body and sense of well-being, and so much more, are greatly needed. 

This website is devoted to providing information, resources and experiences on the subject of the healing power of sound.  May your life be enhanced by the healing power of sound!

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