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Dr. Shelley Snow and The Healing Power of Sound

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Shelley Snow, Ph.D., M.T.A., is a music therapist and licensed psychotherapist pioneering the research and development of sound-based therapies for mind-body healing and health.  She conducted the first major study of sound healing by a music therapist, and is an Associate Researcher at the Centre for the Arts in Human Development at Concordia University.  Another study involved a collaboration with neuroscientists at the prestigious International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research in Montreal on a study of a form of singing which uses sounds called Toning.  A practicing therapist for 30 years, her wealth of clinical experience informs her work with sound, as does her life-long background with eastern and indigenous spiritual traditions. She founded The Dorian Centre for the Healing Arts in 2011, where she conducts a clinical practice in psychotherapy, music and sound therapies. Shelley is also a professional musician. 

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