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Are you interested in getting really creative with sound?  Many years ago I began creating songs in an original sound language.  This language is meant to be evocative and poetic.  There is no linguistic translation to these sounds!  Give a listen below to one of several tracks from my album entitled “Shamaneya”, almost entirely composed of songs in this sound language.  Perhaps it can inspire you to begin creating your own ‘sound songs’…


If you’d like to download any of the tracks above please feel free to do so. I am accepting funds on a pay what you want system if you would like to support my music.

To purchase the full 10 track album please click the button below;

About the album

At the time of the album’s release, in 1997, I was told that this sound language I was singing in, might be
ahead of its time. Recently, I have been urged to re-release this album, as more people may be ready to
open up to pure sounds blended with music.

Below are some reviews of the album:

“The incredible success of Enya and Loreena McKennitt has opened doors for other talented female
singers. One artist well worth attention is Shelley Snow. On her release Shamaneya, Snow uses “primal
sounds” to express feelings and experiences that seemingly lie beyond words. Her use of elemental
sounds and syllables creates an immediate and deeply sacred connection among listeners, regardless of
their native languages or cultural backgrounds.

- Billboard Magazine


“Jazz traditions have long used the voice as an instrument. In shamanic traditions the voice carries the
healer’s energy. Shelley Snow uses her voice in both of these ways. Accompanied by violin, percussion,
guitar, piano and flute, she sings in what she refers to as an original language.

She expresses sweetness, gentleness, visceral power, longing and trance-like dream states, all without
lyrics, conveying a universal sound that is like, but not limited to, any of a number of ethnic styles.

Consequently, as you listen you may find yourself creating your own lyrics. Snow’s style encourages the
listeners to merge with the music, both in sound and movement. Journey with her.”

-Aquarius Magazine

“With this release, composer/vocalist Shelley Snow emerges as a distinctive voice and a truly original
talent. While the compositions have a pop sensibility, her use of an original language and dreamy yet
heart-breakingly honest and soaring vocals project an unmistakable aur of the sacred. The titles
underscore the spiritual intent of her work: The Streaming Heart, Echoes of the Ancient Ones, Emerging
Goddess and Cathedral Skies.



“This lovely album would enhance spiritual explorations, meditation and healing practices. Highly

-Leading Edge Review

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