Shelley Snow, Ph.D.


The human voice has a remarkable ability to improve our health and well-being in ways that are not widely known. This book will introduce the reader to the dynamically expanding field of sound therapy and sound healing, and demonstrate the power of sound to heal through a presentation of research, theory, and numerous examples from the author's clinical practice, group work, and training workshops. The book is for both the general reader seeking simple, practical techniques for harnessing the healing power of sound in their daily life, and for music therapists and other professional therapists and practitioners who are interested in learning how to use sound-based models and interventions in their work, or to further their knowledge and expertise in this area. Easy-to-follow exercises with accompanying audio tracks will guide the reader to immediately begin experiencing the benefits of sound for mind-body health. Chapters on trauma and sound, toning and mindfulness, mantras and mental health, and Tibetan singing bowls are steps along the path of this fascinating and rich journey into the world of healing sounds.


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Shelley Snow, Ph.D., M.T.A., is a music therapist and licensed psychotherapist pioneering the research and development of sound-based therapies for mind-body healing and health.  She conducted the first major study of sound healing by a music therapist, and is an Associate Researcher at the Centre for the Arts in Human Development at Concordia University.  Another study involved a collaboration with neuroscientists at the prestigious International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research in Montreal on a study of a form of singing which uses sounds called Toning.  A practicing therapist for 30 years, her wealth of clinical experience informs her work with sound, as does her life-long background with eastern and indigenous spiritual traditions. She founded The Dorian Centre for the Healing Arts in 2011, where she conducts a clinical practice in psychotherapy, music and sound therapies. Shelley is also a professional musician. 

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This is an excellent book that traces the scientific and spiritual aspects of sound as a healing and transformational modality.  It covers the gamut of both new and traditional information that will fill anyone’s desire to become immersed in the subject.  Dr. Snow has been involved in important research with toning - the power of the voice to heal.  Indeed much of this book focuses on this topic in such a manner that will enable everyone to participate in their own personal sound healing experience.  Enjoy The Power of Sound to Heal!

-Jonathan Goldman, Renowned Sound Healing Pioneer

This is probably the most complete study of the power of vocal sound healing.  In this book Shelley has shown why the human voice is the ultimate healing instrument.  She has carried out her own ground- breaking academic research into the power of vocal toning for healing.  She also provides some amazing first-hand accounts of people’s experiences receiving sound healing. 

Shelley shows the many ways that sound healing can be used and provides lots of practical exercises for readers to use.  There are sections on trauma and sound, group work with the voice, toning and mindfulness, mantra and using singing bowls with the voice for healing.  I recommend it to anyone.  It will change your life! 

-Simon Heather, Principal of the College of Sound Healing

Shelley Snow has taken toning to another level with this book.  Weaving her knowledge of Depth Psychology with years of experience as a music therapist focused on working with sounds and toning, she has created an illuminating book that should appeal to a variety of people in the helping professions looking for a way to reach their clients on a deeper level and effect change through the power of sound.

-Dr. Diane Austin, D.A., L.C.A.T. author of Vocal Psychotherapy



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