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Bi-Weekly Healing

The Healing Power of Sound Group

 Group sound work is a potent way to experience the healing power of sound. Many people find it particularly powerful and it also a way for individuals who may find it hard to engage in sounding for themselves at home, to keep up a regular practice.

Sound as a form of vibration can favorably impact our bodies and minds in many ways. In this group, we will harness the healing power of sound to bring about balance, harmony, insight, spiritual connection, release of stress and stuck emotions, mental calm, physical relaxation and more, into our lives. Group 'toning', in which open vowel sounds are vocalized on the length of the elongated breath, will be a major vehicle for this work. An aesthetically beautiful and powerful experience, group toning truly demonstrates the enormous potential of sound as an important tool for mind-body health and well-being. 

Facilitator:  Samara Garfinkle

Samara holds a certificate in Sound Therapy under the mentorship of Dr. Shelley Snow

Location of Group:  Meta 1111 yoga studio in N.D.G. Montreal

For more information on dates and to register:  Write to Samara at

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